Goal 6: A clean and tidy house
Daily Habit: Do 30 minutes of housework a day
Because: I like to live in a nice clean environment, I feel much calmer and happier, but cleaning and tidying certainly don’t come naturally! My husband, Ross and I hate spending our precious weekend time doing the ‘team clean’ or stressing because someone said last minute they’re visiting and there’s an inch thick of dust on the toilet seat and fluff bunnies from the rug floating about the living room. So if I set aside 30 minutes a day, stick a podcast on and get to it, hopefully it’ll never feel like such a huge task. 

Update on how I’m doing with this habit – abysmal, absolutely horribly. I managed about 3 days and then I just plain forgot about it. In lockdown we are in the house so much that I’m constantly making mess, it just seems to fall off me somehow, I can’t even close a cupboard door or drawer so I think I need to take this habit back a bit! 

Clearly too ambitious. 

New daily habit – Tidy up behind myself. E.g if I’m taking clean washing up the stairs, put it away rather than leaving it on the bed to then move on to The Chair for it then to fall on to the floor to then trip over and bang my head on the slanted ceilings to then knock myself out and go to the hospital. A bit dramatic? Probably. But I do bang my head on that ceiling an awful lot, especially when I leave the cupboard door open…

According to the photos on Facebook, everyone’s been at B&Q. Big long social distanced lines of bored furloughers in desperate need of a home improvement activity to save them from another Netflix boxset. I’d be with them but we have a while of copper saving before we can finally put our stamp on our house. In saying that, a good 20% of my lockdown time is spent watching home improvement programmes and pinning all the styles to my boards. Actually make that 35%. Have I mentioned how much I love Pinterest?

So in my imagination I have a Georgian / Victorian detached house with wisteria up it in a sizeable plot surrounded by wild flowers, overlooking the sea. It has beautiful bay windows, a walk in larder, a master and guest ‘suite’ and it even has an orangery (fancy conservatory) for reading and ‘taking tea’.

In reality I live in a 2 bed / 1 bath terraced cottage overlooking the local shop. I love it actually, we can also see the golf course, the river and the bridge that crosses to the sand, the beach is really, really close which is 100% the selling point. I say really close, it doesn’t feel that close carrying alcohol to your picnic, who knew 4 bottles of Pims weighed so much? 

In all my pinning, and much like my personal style before, I don’t really have a clear idea of how I want to decorate it. I like far too many things and I’m so easily swayed! I watch Fixer Upper reruns and I want ‘Farmhouse Casual’, I see @coastalinteriors on Instagram and I think white, blue and wood everything, I watch Mamma Mia and I want a Mediterranean style with lots of colourful tiles, I watch 3 Birds Renovation on Youtube and I think all white Australian beachy would be so calm and then I watch last night’s Scotlands Home of the Year and I get emotional at a opulently decorated Glasgow town house (did you see it? Wow!) You get what I mean, I like it all! Well, not all – if I left it up to Ross we’d live in a vikingesque hovel full of dark wood and axes…nice.

I know that super modern and dark isn’t for me so that’s a start! Although I love visiting really modern places and I always want Robert Jamison to win on ‘Your Home Made Perfect’, I don’t think I’d like to live in it. I wouldn’t want a mid century modern style either and I’m not about to just have black and white everywhere (although I do like watching Lydia Millen’s home Youtubes.) 

So is farmhouse coastal colonial a thing? Does the house even need an underlying style or do I just go for whatever I like and hope it flows together? What a first world problem to have! 

I know I definitely want more natural wood, I know I want to have fun buying second hand furniture (although I do enjoy a Neptune display at Treehouse), that I’d like some nice art, that the house needs much more storage for all our spacey hobbies (hobbies that take up space, we aren’t in to outer space quite yet) and carpets upstairs but who knows how many times I’ll have changed my mind before we actually have any money to do these things!

Now I’m off to see if my pocket money can stretch to some garage paint, @lucytiffney just painted the cutest shed on her Instagram that I may or may not take some inspiration from. Do you think Ross will notice?

Does your house have a style? What’s it like? Home style is my absolute favourite conversation so feel free to send me things! 

Please note, none of the images in the above collages were taken by me. The ‘dream’ ones are all from Pinterest (shocker), the Cruden Bay ones are from the Cruden Bay Association that were shared by a local.

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  1. Another great blog KQ! Like you I hate cleaning so I’m lockdown I set aside an activity per day Monday is bathroom, Tuesday hoover and polish, wednesday is kitchen, Thursday is day off and Friday is hoovering and polishing again! Weekends off. We do other bits in between but so far it’s working well and maybe takes 30-60’mins out of our day ( or deans day now) although a man never cleans properly! X

    1. Love that Alison! I love that you’re doing alternative days, doubt I could get old el Rossco to agree though haha. I agree, never cleans how you would clean! Although he does make a smashing job of the hob top!

  2. Not sure if you want to hear from an oldie from Canada, but like you, I love Pinterest and all of the Home and Garden Channel decor shows. At my age you would think I would have a distinct style and I think I do. French and English country styles are my favourites, but my husband, Bob’s style is more masculine, so our bedrooms, livingroom, diningroom and kitchen are my domaine. Joanna Gaines’ style is definitely a winner in my books… Our family room is something entirely different – Arts and Crafts (Mission Style) with oak tables, leather sofa and a colourful Moroccan carpet. Eclectic is a style that evolves over time and makes a housee a home. Like you, mid-century-modern or stark white and black hold no appeal for me whatsoever and feel soul-less.
    Your style is definitely romantic and something that is easily achieveable with a bit of elbow grease. Bob and I do all of our own decorating; at the beginning it was out of necessity and now it is because we like to do it. Bob just finished a mini renovation of our kitchen. It cost 1/10 of the cost of a new kitchen and looks great. By adding new hardware, paint, crown moulding and replacing the middles of some doors with seeded glass, it looks like a custom kitchen.
    Our next project is a camel back sofa that I bought on line for a song. The bones are good, but the upholstery needs to be replaced. We have recovered many sofas over the years and have made slip covers for others out of bleached dropcloths (they look fabulous) and very country chic. If you are willing to do the work, all it costs is the materials. The trick is that we are a team – he is better at measuring and I am better at sewing and design. Pinterest is not only great for ideas, but provides detailed instructions on how to do almost anything. Give it a try and any mistake can usually be fixed.
    Stay safe and keep up the good work on your blog. Looking forward to updates…

    1. Always want to hear from you! I would argue your opinion is better given you’ve had a couple of more years owning your own home! I love the sound of your house, I got a good description from Granny and Melanie when they came back (I just can’t not ask about people’s homes!) I’m so bad people know they’re going to have to give me a tour when I visit…so be prepared haha.
      Oh I see what you mean it is quite romantic, I think I’ll add that to my description, I do fancy myself in a Jane Austen book and I definitely lived out those dreams at Harmony House where we got married. My mood board is actually really similar now I think about it!
      I love that you DIY lots of things, I really want to get in to it but we have some boring things to do first, like the walls and the roof.
      Looking forward to seeing your next project 🙂

      1. I usually post pics so you will see the latest project once it is started (probably in the winter). It is finally starting to look like spring here, so the outside needs our attention. You are very fortunate as a newlywed to own your own home and be able to decorate in your own style. We were married for 11 years before we bought a house and only after Bob got out of the navy and we were able to settle in one place. Have fun with it and put your stamp on your home. That said rooves and walls are certainly a priority. There is not much use having a beautifully decorated home if the rain is coming in through the roof. Looking forward to your next blog . Stay safe and keep dreaming.

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