Goal 4: Look after myself
Daily Habit: Set up a nightly bed time routine – 10.15pm, go upstairs, brush my teeth, skin care, dirty clothes in the basket, read and asleep by 11pm
Because: As mentioned, I tend to watch that one more episode of something and am starting to fall asleep before I go upstairs. By that time the only energy I have left is for brushing my teeth and getting in to bed. The next day I wake up to my clothes on the floor and what’s left of my make up on my dry, dirty face. Then I need to rummage about in piles to find things and do repair and probably harsher jobs on my face to try and get rid of the damage.

As before I’m still doing well with this one, quite enjoying it in fact now that my Tropic order has arrived and I got my first ever electric toothbrush! The Tropic cleanser is still a dream and I’ve been trying out the hair care and body wash discovery kits to see if I like them. So far I love the clarifying shampoo but the nourishing cleansing one takes a bit of getting used to; its non lather so I feel like I use tonnes of it to get round my big scalp and so its quite hard work to get out the bonfire smell from our outside gatherings (gathering I should say, there’s only been 1 since the start of phase 1.) The body washes so far are great, the yellow (frangipani, star anise and tiare flower) being my favourite. I think part of why I like them is psychological though; yes they smell nice but not nicer than a more chemically one, I feel like I enjoy knowing I’m supporting a company with good practices and I’m not swooshing the silicones all about my bits. 

After much research and chat from our pals, Ross and I got our toothbrushes; he got the Philips Sonicare one which looks brilliant to be honest (and a bit of me wishes I got that one too, looks wise, its snazzier and has colour options) and I got the Spotlight one, again more because I like the company and their ethos and supporting an innovative female run British Isles business! Getting quite on my high horse amen’t I? Spotlight was founded by 2 Irish sister dentists who wanted to create safe, clinically proven and sustainable oral care. They have their sonic toothbrush, 3 different toothpaste types, floss, mouth wash, a whole whitening system and their range is 100% recyclable (they use sugar cane for the toothpaste tubes and I’d never notice the difference) so are ocean safe, vegan friendly, gluten, toxic, sulphate, DEA, and Triclosan free. Who knew I was even supposed to pay attention to all of that in my toothpastes/whitening things? Anyway here’s the link to their ethics page so you can read for yourself if you’re interested:


Oh I should also say that it arrived fully charged and I love it already. The brush is small enough to fit in all areas of my mouth, it vibrates after 30 seconds so you know to move on to the next area in your mouth (and then lets you know when its been 2 minutes) and the sonic vibration doesn’t make my nose too itchy (the reason I’ve avoided electric toothbrushes up until now). For now I’ve just used the sensitive setting until I’m used to it but it also has a deep clean and a whitening setting. My teeth feel amazing! I got a bundle set with an influencer’s 25% discount code (LYDIA25) so I got a lot for my money in my opinion. The floss came with the set and while I don’t love the packaging, the floss is so nice! Its like really soft embroidery thread haha, didn’t hurt or make my gums bleed because it wasn’t plasticy or snappy so I’ll definitely be using it daily.

Sorry, this blog was so not meant to be about toothbrushes, never thought I’d be this excited about my teeth! I was quite happy with my £2 manual toothbrush and a tube of Colgate before… But if there’s one thing you need to look after, its your teeth! Thanks Lois for making us think about it! You can be influenced anywhere you know, even round a socially distanced bonfire.

Look after your teeth but also, look after your skin. Skin renews as we know but good skin care products really cost more than we’d prefer. But how come some people get away with a bar of soap and a swipe of £1 Nivea moisturiser while the rest of us have cleanser, exfoliator, toner, serum, moisturiser, 3 face masks, spot treatments, facials etc? I’ve had discussions with friends after they realised they just put 7 different products, 1 after another on their face. Mad isn’t it?

Now I’m not saying I don’t enjoy skincare, I do but it is something I wonder about. When I think about it, the condition of my skin usually depends on what time of the month it is and what I’ve been eating. You can absolutely see all the cookies and sugar on my face and the sore under the skin spots are totally cyclical so must depend on hormones. When I was a teenager, I had really hormonal skin and so is it really what’s going on inside the body that determines the glowy perfection of someone’s skin? And to a certain extent we can control how the body works and so balance hormones by what we eat. So is that what I should be focusing my money on? You’d never say a drug addict had lovely skin would you? And that’s from what they’ve put inside their body. 

The first barometer of your body’s health is your skin and it can demonstrate how well you really are inside – Lee Holmes

We all know what’s good for our bodies; a varied and balanced diet with high quality protein, organic fruit and vegetables, complex carbohydrates, nuts and seeds, fibrous foods, the right kind of fats, all our omega 3, and plenty of water and of course exercise. And we know that too much refined sugar, alcohol, caffeine, hydrogenated fats and processed food can do our body damage. 

So following the logic that all our organs speak to the other organs (skin is the largest organ remember) it would make sense that if one organ is having a hard time with doing its job, another organ may be trying to help it out. Nice of them eh?
For example, if you take in a tonne of processed food and refined sugar and then have very little fibre (the stuff that binds together and pushes all the food and toxins out of the body), the body still wants to get it out and so would start to push it out the skin…hello pimples! Makes pimple popper videos even more icky doesn’t it?
Things like psoriasis and eczema are also literally a gut reaction that comes out on your skin. If you suffer from it, and get flare ups, it would be interesting to see how a change of diet might effect it.
Obviously there are lots of other factors (even things like the chemicals in your home and the fumes you’re exposed to, hormones etc) but we can control some of those too. 

Inflammation in the body (like bloating and swollen joints) is a protective reaction so there are lots of anti-inflammatory foods that could help that. My mum is a great example; after changing the quality of her diet, where she ate quality protein, vegetables and fats (as part of a keto diet) the sore, swollen knee that had been stopping her do things for years miraculously disappeared. Magic! From what I understand of fibromyalgia, anti inflammatory foods can also help that too.
My dry flakey scalp and brittle hair is a lack of vitamins and minerals (or my body’s ability to absorb them). Pigmentation, red eye, dark circles, puffy eyes, premature wrinkles and thin skin- all things we buy expensive ‘clinically proven’ products for are actually signs of what’s going on inside and can be helped by working out what it needs more of. Hence holistic nutrition! I’d really like to visit a holistic nutritionist but I need to save a little first, in the meantime though I’ve read a few more books.
I’ve bought them over the years and they’re all telling me the same thing really. I buy a new one each time I’m looking for motivation but I have 4/5 now so I can just go back and read the first one again! Listening to podcasts and things is also great for this kind of information (and free.) The book that suits beauty more and really goes in to skin is by Lee Holmes; ‘Eat yourself beautiful’, the tag line is ‘Delicious, anti-inflammatory food for ageless radiant beauty.’ Now doesn’t that sound nice?

I think that’s enough for now! Are you interested in this kind of topic? I admit I love it and I’d like to talk more about the actual foods that would help each ailment but I don’t want to bore everyone.

Please note I’m obviously not a nutritionist / dietician, I’m just geekily interested in how food affects the body and I LOVE talking about it. If you have any serious problems that are bothering you, please visit someone qualified.

I’ll leave you all with our family mantra which really does work for ALL ailments (dunno why Nicola Sturgeon or Bojo hasn’t phoned mum yet) – got a drouth, a sore head, sore stomach, heartbroken, upset, confused, unmotivated, acne, broken leg, chopped your finger off – 

Have a glass a water, you’ll be fine – Lynn Quick

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  1. Loved this plog. My kinda topics.
    I am already inspired to buy a new toothbrush and my adult acne could very well be my excessive dairy intake / copious amounts of chocolate….must try harder haha

    1. Haha sorry about your bank balance, we are terrible for each other!
      Might be your excessive dairy but it might also be more about hormones which might mean eating more brown rice, quinoa, pumpkin seeds, nuts, oysters etc. Its hard to know what the cause is sometimes but a wee bit experimentation or a visit to a dietician might help 🙂 x

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