How do you feel about decorating for Autumn?

  1. Not for me, my house is only decorated for Christmas
  2. I like a few neutral pumpkins and cosier textures here and there 
  3. Autumn but wild, natural, casual
  4. Full on Autumnal, move over Stacey Solomons
  5. Selling tickets for my Halloween haunted house 
2. Neutral Decor // All images are taken from Pinterest

I’m usually at a 1. I love seasonal interiors but I’ve only ever managed to indulge via fancy restaurants and bars, Pinterest and celebrities’ doorways and entrance halls (via Instagram, they don’t live close enough to invite me round for a nosey.) 

If I was fully organised (and not living at my sister’s) I’d be aiming for a 3 or even a 4. A big harvesty wreath, a rustic dining tablescape, some textured cushions and throws, a few pumpkin spice candles, kitchen accessories. Just bits and bobs that make a cosy change without necessarily costing months and months salary. Those celebrity doorway displays cost thousands and Autumn always feels like such a short season, the price per day would still be around £100. Don’t you think the weather seasons have changed slightly? Everything is later than it used to be with Autumn in October and the main of winter is much closer to January so we only really have 2 months of it before all the Christmas bits come out.

3. Wild, natural, casual // All images are taken from Pinterest

I know to lots of people Autumn decorating is completely unnecessary, another step towards Americanisms (like baby showers and gender reveals and things) but I just think why not? Its something nice to embrace the new season and something to look forward to between Summer and Christmas!

Bang in the middle of Autumn is Halloween, love it or hate it, it was one of my favourite times of year at Uni. Making costumes, decorating, creating ridiculous games, at least 2 different Halloween nights, cauldrons of questionable concoctions. But as I’ve got older there are less and less parties to be had and less and less time to make all these things and so we end up not doing much more than hiding from guisers (trick or treaters.)
I should enjoy decorating the front of the house and having lots of sweets ready for them but there’s just something so awkward about it! I never went as a child because I was too shy and embarrassed so its maybe carried over from then. When I answer the door and they don’t even have a trick or a joke ready, what am I supposed to say? Just hand over a sweetie? Do you get into Halloween?

5. Haunted House // All images taken from Pinterest

Do you have an Autumn bucket list? We have our Christmas traditions but is there Autumn ones?

So far I think of fallen leaves, burnt orange, rich reds, burgundy, rich browns, conkers, pine cones, brambles, porridge, hearty soups, stews, and these days – pumpkin spice EVERYTHING. A gingerbread muffin here, a latte there, a caramel hot chocolate with all the cream and mallow nonsense. I think of fires and crisp walks and blankets and tweed, wool, softness, tailoring, boots, having to work out the jacket layering. But much like Christmas, I think I’d quite like some Autumn traditions. Any ideas for me? If you can throw some films, or books to read too, I’ll compile them and put them up here at the end of the week / on Instagram? 

So, so far on the list is (not in order): 

  1. Pumpkin spice latte
  2. Lots of crisp walks
  3. Pumpkin picking 
  4. Pumpkin / turnip carving 
  5. Watching Hocus Pocus with lots of treats, the fire, darkness – maybe its a cosy night in with friends
  6. Halloween party (with games)
  7. Baking cinnamon rolls or something cinnamony
  8. An apply something? 
  9. Bonfire night – bonfire, sparklers, see some fireworks, marshmallows?
  10. Autumn decor interior and exterior + more for around Halloween
4. Full Autumnal colours // All images taken from Pinterest

I’ve been playing around with autumnal flowers as you know, making up some bits in case, like me you’d like to have a wee bit of Autumn cosiness. In an attempt to gain back some money to re-experiment so I can eventually make profit, I’m going to sell them via Instagram and Facebook via ‘The Craft Collective’ – the name I’m using for all my crafty business things. I’ve made myself a logo and I’ve been trying to think how to even start displaying content other than just ‘look I made this and I think its pretty, want to buy it?’ I feel a bit awkward about it somehow! Silly I know! If you’re remotely interested in what I’ve been making or even fancy a neb or buying anything I’d be grateful if you could follow those pages. There’s nothing on there quite yet but I’m going to force myself this week! I was going to do lots more and do workshops and bits and bobs but I’ve missed the boat a wee bit this year. Next year! Or Christmas?

Facebook: @thecraft1collective
Instagram: @thecraft_collective

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