Goal 2: Repair my relationship with food
Daily Habit: Eat regularly, cutting nothing out. Have breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, dessert.
Because: I’ve been overeating for about 9 years out of boredom, a treat for a good/bad day, for something nice to do and from dieting. I’m terrible for starting a new ‘lifestyle change’ and managing 2-3 days (sometimes even 2-3 weeks) and then caving and binging and then restarting the cycle the next Monday. It means I’ve maintained the same weight for 3 years now but its not really a weight I’m comfortable with. James Smith has a calorie calculator which helps you work out around about how many calories you should be eating for a deficit so I figure if I roughly stay to that but eat regularly, I shouldn’t have a reason to binge. Then once I’m mastered that, I can implement a slightly more restrictive habit like the afternoon snack being fruit rather than cake!

The first few weeks of lockdown I ate whatever I wanted, and to be honest it was mostly things you wouldn’t put on a healthy eating plan. Pain au chocolat, toasted sandwiches (with cheese obviously) and crisps, home baking, nachos, pizza. But the weirdest thing has happened, now I’m craving fresh fruit and vegetables, all the vegetables. 

I’ve been eating regularly as per the daily habit I set out and I haven’t binged, so I’m really chuffed. I can even stop at 1 brownie now!
Right now though I feel a bit bloaty, sluggish, I get an almighty sugar crash about 4.30pm, I have lockdown skin, my scalp is dry, I get acid reflux and have been getting more headaches than normal. I know cutting out refined sugar, processed foods and lots of other things can help all of these symptoms but having drastically changed my ‘lifestyle’ more than a few times I know ‘all or nothing’ doesn’t work for me. I’m going to stick to the very gradual, gentle approach and I’m hoping I hardly notice each time I change something! I’d rather slow and tiny changes that become habit and eventually contribute to the bigger goal.

I’m updating the daily habit to include 1 (refined) sugary snack a day. That should lesson the sugar habit slightly without cutting it altogether and giving me those horrible withdrawal headaches! It should encourage some more creative baking too. I’m also committing to include some form of fruit or vegetable in every meal; its never a problem at dinner time but breakfast and most lunches tend to lack a little.

Most people know now what they should be eating and every Susan, Tracy and Becky has a different way of doing it. When it gets confusing, I focus on the information from the most qualified – the nutritionists! The ones with degrees on actual food. Medical doctors don’t actually study nutrition all that much and personal trainers are great for exercise ideas but mostly just have a broad understanding of it. The 2 below are my favourites to follow and both reply to direct messages which is really helpful:

  • Rhiannon Lambert – Has a clinic on Harley Street in London, 2 books, is on Instagram (rhitrition) and has a podcast called ‘Food for Thought’
  • Kezia Hall – A holistic nutritionist based in Glasgow (but also does Skype consultations), has great online courses/groups (the upcoming one is only £10), is on Instagram (supernaturallyhealthy) and really active on stories, also has a podcast called ‘The Gut Goddess’

I’m not the hugest fan of breakfast food in general; I don’t eat cereal really, I don’t love a full Scottish breakfast, I don’t look forward to smoothies (even though I do quite like them when I do) but I loooooove pancakes! When we’re at home on a Sunday morning (which obviously is all the time right now but is quite rare usually) I always make these exact pancakes. This is the simplest pancake recipe ever that I came across in Super Naturally Healthy’s online book; no chance of flour lumps, very hard to make too runny or funny tasting and happen to be gluten / refined sugar / dairy free too if that makes any difference to you! I have come to prefer these over normal pancakes. 

Have you tried to implement a daily food habit? Are you going to try the banana pancakes? Tag me on Instagram (kqAlexandra) if you do!


All you need is: 

  • Non stick pan – a large flat one if you’d like it all cooked in 1 go, a small circular if you’re looking for Instagrammable 
  • Some sort of oil/butter for pan greasing (I use coconut oil or ghee)
  • 2 eggs, it doesn’t seem to matter what size
  • 1 medium/large size banana
  • Sprinkle of cinnamon (if you like it)
  • Any toppings you like

Serves 1
3 pancakes in a small pan, 1 pancake in a large pan

1. Very lightly grease the non stick pan like you would a baking tin, and heat it up on the hob.
If you don’t have a good non stick pan, what are you doing with your life?! Get one! (Or add a bit more oil)

2. Blitz the 2 eggs, banana and cinnamon any which way you like. You can just use a fork, a food processor, a hand mixer, a hand blender or I use my Nutribullet which has the least amount of effort versus washing up.

3. It will be really runny and you’ll probably be doubting me but just pour some of the mixture in to the hot pan and put it on a low/medium heat. If your pan has a lid, put that on too. 

4. Don’t play with it. You need to leave it to cook for a good 4 minutes or so or until the pancake is holding its shape. Then flip it carefully.

5. Leave for another 2 minutes and its ready to be taken out. If you’ve used the small pan and you need to make the rest of the pancakes, pop it on a plate in the oven to keep warm.

6. Add your toppings. My friends like grilled bacon, I like greek yoghurt (real, not the greek style) lots of berries and a wee bit honey/maple syrup. You can use nutella and coconut flakes, biscoff spread, some mixed chopped nuts, a sprinkle of fancy cereal, whatever you like! Then TADAAAA…

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  1. Great I don’t like breakfast either would rather wait and have a nice lunch! I’m going to try the pancakes but would you be able to recommend another ingredient for the banana I really don’t like them? I will give them to the kids and try a little bit when I do them! 😊🥞

    1. I’m not sure what would be mushy enough to replace a banana, mango maybe? I haven’t tried another fruit but maybe I should! The banana taste isn’t too strong so definitely try them 🙂

  2. I’m looking forward to trying this interesting recipe ad soon as I can!!! Thank you Kiki!

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