Goal 2 - Food Relationship

Banana Pancakes are the New Banana Bread

The first few weeks of lockdown I ate whatever I wanted, and to be honest it was mostly things you wouldn’t put on a healthy eating plan. Pain au chocolat, toasted sandwiches (with cheese obviously) and crisps, home made baking, nachos, pizza. But the weirdest thing has happened, now I’m craving fresh fruit and vegetables, all the vegetables.

Goal 5 - Style

No Slobs Allowed

‘I’m nicer when I like my outfit’ – Kervology

This goal doesn’t apply to everyone; some could do with more slob in their life and need to work on feeling great without a make up mask and a hair straightener, some people aren’t interested in it at all and that’s also great but I’m definitely the opposite…

Goal 1 - Inspiration


I read another non fiction book *gasp*. This time ‘Not a Diet Book’ by James Smith. Whether you like his harsh, direct confrontations or not, he does make logical sense and as someone who’s excuses are suffocating, I found it refreshing. If you respond better to kind words and…

You Dream Life Starts Right Here
Goal 1 - Inspiration


I come from a family of dreamers. My parents, sister and at least 1 of my grandparents are regular inventors of new products, businesses, holidays, careers, homes and things we’d like and how they’re going to change our lives. Our conversations usually start with ‘imagine if…’ ending in something like ‘and then Holly and Phil would get us on This Morning.’