Well I tell you what, I’m bloomin burstin with inspiration and ideas. So many that my new problem is picking and sticking to one at a time. A glorious problem to have! 
I have the time, the energy and not quite the know-how to focus my merry mind and I intend to enjoy every moment.

We started the year by picking up the cutest puppy in all the land. A beautiful labrador retriever we called Runa. Runa-bean, Princess Tattieheed, Tattie, Beautiful or Puddin is equal parts angelic princess and barky bruise in the backside. She is cute as a button and has been trained in all entertaining tricks but still has questionable manners, especially around dead animals. She’s a SAVAGE! Just when we think we’ve trained out one embarrassing behaviour, another appears.
In all seriousness a puppy plus a full time job (from home) was all consuming, tiring, frustrating and there was a few times I really doubted our decision, puppies are HARD WORK. Everything else sort of went out the window while we survived.
But she’s 10 months old now and getting easier and lovelier by the day. In saying that, she’s just cost us £123.36 at the vets after scoffing all her cousin’s antibiotics. Greedy b*tch. Here is the offender:

By February we were driving back from visiting family and having a good life chat. Don’t all good conversations happen on long car journeys? Like in my last blog, we were talking about life and then our ultimate goals, what we value and want our life to look like. We needed to be aiming towards it rather than feeling as stuck as we were. Isn’t the definition of insanity ‘doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results’? 

Life is too short to continually take the sensible, safe option. so we agreed I could hand my notice in to my job (finaaaallleeeeeee), work out what I like to do and make money from it somehow. The big life might take a year, it might take 20 but I’m so excited to start the process and enjoy ‘The Climb’ (the Miley Cyrus classic). 

Within my notice period, Ross got Covid. He was ill in bed and had been stuck listening to his own thoughts for 7 or 8 days. Broaching the subject of moving back down south after 10 great years in Aberdeen/shire added a whole level to our new life plan but why not?! So Ross got himself a new job, our house is up for sale and we’re now renting my wee sister’s spare room. 

Everyone wants to know (or at least starts polite conversation with) what job I’m going to get. Well my aim is to avoid a more traditional job and make money in other ways, trying out different things until I see what is working, what I enjoy the most. 

What makes me happy, calms me down, excites and inspires me day to day is doing creative things, crafts usually so I’ve started there. Crafts can be just making and selling but can grow to workshops, DIY kits and so much more. I’m telling you, I have tonnes of ideas! 

Heading in to autumn, I’ve been having the best time buying and playing around with artificial flowers for seasonal decor. Does anyone else like to dress their house a bit according to the seasons? They didn’t have the beautiful dried flowers or grasses or baskets I was looking for but all in good time I’m sure. My lovely (but slightly disastrous) pumpkins are pictured. I had planned to use them in with the flowers but we’ll see what I can make work! Youtube has been guiding the way in replace of an actual credited course which is obviously to blame rather than my process tweaking. They might not have worked out but I really enjoyed it, it was cheap and I listened to a cracking audible book ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ so there’s no loss really. On to the next experiment! 

A new puppy, lockdowns and a pandemic (where both of us contracted it), doing up our house to sell, a new job for Ross, a new house situation, switching my car for a van, a new (but old) location, a whole new career, a broken toe, a badly sprained ankle and many a blister. Its a lot! I find myself worrying about small things and big things and adding pressure to myself and I’m not even that much of a worrier! Just last night I had to remind myself to focus all my energy on the good and the productive and be able to fully embrace the crazily free situation I’m in. 

For anyone who’d like to be the worrier on my behalf, I’ve decided that if the grass on this sunny, wild flower meadow like side of the fence isn’t as green as I hoped, I’ll go back to a more traditional style of job, able to appreciate the benefits of that without wondering ‘what if’. I dunno who said it though but SOMEONE says the grass is greener where you water it, and I intend to water it on the self employed side, the one that allows freedom, creativity, love, achievement and peace. 

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