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Goal 2 - Food Relationship

The Chocoholic’s Guide to Giving Up Refined Sugar

As you know, I signed up to 6 weeks with Kezia from Super Naturally Healthy. I’ve wanted to do for years but never had the money or more the confidence in myself to spend the money (and not waste the opportunity.) When Kezia brought out her summer programme at a fraction of the price of the usual 4 month one, I decided to just go for it. My parents of…

Goal 2 - Food Relationship

6 Ways To Reduce Food Waste And Save Money

This one has really been up and down, as my mood and emotions have been! When I feel good, I eat well, when I feel bad, I eat rubbish food. Argh I need to change that, but that’s a blog for another day. I’ve recently signed up to a 6 week block with Kezia Hall the nutritionist so it’ll be really interesting to see what she thinks I should focus on.

Goal 2 - Food Relationship Goal 4 - Beauty

Have A Glass Of Water, You’ll Be Fine

As before I’m still doing well with this one, quite enjoying it in fact now that my Tropic order has arrived and I got my first ever electric toothbrush! The Tropic cleanser is still a dream and I’ve been trying out the hair care and body wash discovery kits to see if I like them. So far I love the clarifying shampoo but the nourishing clean

Goal 2 - Food Relationship

Raspberry Rum Collins

This goal, being the hardest thing I find to change has had a few ups (lots of tasty salads and healthy dinners) and downs (Jane’s Patisserie Rollo cookie bars).
In line with my Teeny Tiny Habits blog and following BJ Fogg’s advice, I decided to make a teeny tiny plan and change this goal a little. I am going to make it progressively more restrictive but slowly and so even when the willpower wave is waaaaay down, I can still manage, keep feeling successful and keep the positive cycle of goodness!

Goal 2 - Food Relationship

Banana Pancakes are the New Banana Bread

The first few weeks of lockdown I ate whatever I wanted, and to be honest it was mostly things you wouldn’t put on a healthy eating plan. Pain au chocolat, toasted sandwiches (with cheese obviously) and crisps, home made baking, nachos, pizza. But the weirdest thing has happened, now I’m craving fresh fruit and vegetables, all the vegetables.