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Goal 3 - Happy Soul Goal 6 - Home

Spare Room Spacey Storage

I’ve been doing pretty well with this one. There’s always room for some more creativity but I’ve enjoyed thinking up photoshoots (although I still cringe having photos taken of me), I’ve sorted through lots of craft paints, chalks, stamps, paper, fabric, old costume jewellery, I’ve discussed with friends the best ways to use all of said crafts, I’ve followed lots of artists I …

Goal 6 - Home

What Did The Duvet Say When It Fell Off The Bed? Oh Sheet!

I wanted my teeny tiny home cleaning goal to be ‘close all cupboard doors behind me.’ You’d think that would happen naturally, but no, not me! You know that Tiktok video where they close all the doors to the beat in that song? That’s me! Except I don’t close them until I walk back in to the room and realise. Drawers too.