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Goal 1 - Inspiration Goal 3 - Happy Soul

It Starts with Your Values Apparently

Its funny, I had no thought in my head, no bullet point on my list today that said ‘write a blog post’, I only got my laptop out to finally get on top of some internet admin but actually, I’ve found myself wanting to articulate what’s going on in my head, even if its just to me.
I know what you’re thinking – ‘man is she still not just grateful for what she’s got and getting on with it?’ Well I totally am grateful and happy but if I can make things eeeeven better why wouldn’t I try?

Goal 1 - Inspiration Goal 5 - Style

If The Shoe Fits

I think its safe to say that over the last few weeks I’ve had more than 2 slob days a week… I have also tried out all the pink clothes I got in my HM order and then I ordered 4 pairs of shoes from ASOS, intending to keep 1 or 2. I thought they’d be uncomfy or ugly in real life but nope! They were all great and even better on, especially with my garden tan, so I kept all 4, that are all similar colours, whilst in lockdown, where no one sees them and I’m going no where nice or fancy…WOOOOPSY!

Goal 1 - Inspiration


I read another non fiction book *gasp*. This time ‘Not a Diet Book’ by James Smith. Whether you like his harsh, direct confrontations or not, he does make logical sense and as someone who’s excuses are suffocating, I found it refreshing. If you respond better to kind words and…

You Dream Life Starts Right Here
Goal 1 - Inspiration


I come from a family of dreamers. My parents, sister and at least 1 of my grandparents are regular inventors of new products, businesses, holidays, careers, homes and things we’d like and how they’re going to change our lives. Our conversations usually start with ‘imagine if…’ ending in something like ‘and then Holly and Phil would get us on This Morning.’