Goal 7: Feel Fitter
Daily Habit:
Do at least 1 form of exercise, 4 days a week
I want to re-inspire myself by trying out new things like rock climbing, kayaking, hiking, cycling places I haven’t been, horse riding, sky diving, doing more skiing, so many things that require a certain level of fitness. I’m over my body or confidence in my body stopping me. 

I feel fantastic! And I certainly haven’t felt like that the last 2 days…
I’ve just had a morning pick me up sassy dance party to myself in the kitchen and it was exactly what I needed. We all know that: 

Exercise gives you endorphins and endorphins make you happy, and happy people just don’t shoot their husbands – Elle Woods (thanks Elle, needed the reminder)

But taking my hormonal, energyless mood to actually exercise is a whole other task; lounging on the couch, reading and shovelling sour cream and chive dip with Doritos in to my mouth just seems far more appealing. 

I think about 2% of people at this point would go in search of a HIIT workout, who even enjoys them? Everyone enjoys the feeling after it but I find the exercises no fun and for me its just a means to an end (if I can even do them). Why is it that trainers make up beginners sessions full of burpees and planks and walk out thingies?! As someone who is quite a bit overweight, I just can’t hold my body weight on my wrists and bang it all down on my joints. I normally end a HIIT workout glad that I did it because the endorphins are good but feeling a bit defeated that I couldn’t do half of it, and my knees and wrists ache. I just don’t think the normal HIIT workouts that are all over Youtube and Instagram are suited to true beginners, especially those with more than a couple of stone to lose.

So the logical thought is, well if I just move my body, I’ll do yoga, that sounds relaxing. I think I would love yoga, if the beginners sessions didn’t spend 75% of the class in some form of downward dog, again with most of the body weight (regardless of how you try to distribute it) on your wrists, pretty much the smallest area of your body! 

I’ve read so many books, I follow so many trainers and I just don’t think half of them get this. Or maybe I’m just the minority? Even on Khloe Kardashian’s ‘Revenge Body’ with celebrity trainers, one of the trainers refused to even let the poor girl lift a weight until she’d ran/skipped off 80% of her excess fat. Imagine her joints!

Thankfully there is a new wave of trainers that are focused on intuitive exercising – like intuitive eating its about listening to your body and feeling what it needs. Tally Rye has been the first one to bring it to my attention and thank goodness! She started off as the kind of trainer I’ve been talking about then had a bit of a time where she fell out with exercising and had a bit of depression I think. I really need to look in to this more as I think she’s now really trying to be more inclusive and less punishing and I’m hoping its going to catch on. She has a book too called ‘Train Happy’ which I think I might get. 

In the meantime, I’m enjoying walking, lots of walking! Can’t get more beginner than that!
Its not strenuous unless I want it to be, I’m still moving, I’m exploring areas of the village that I haven’t really been to, doing a bit of rock scrambling (which the bruise on my generous back side can attest to) and I’m really enjoying it. Lockdown has really given me time to appreciate how beautiful our area is. 

Today though – its SNOWING! Yes, snowing in May, right after so much sun! It makes zero sense but with my mood a bit low, I didn’t fancy braving the snow and wind for my walk. So I brought out the big guns (can’t beat a good pun) – The Fitness Marshall; the only guy capable of bringing me back from the sour cream tub of sadness – the camp and brilliantly fun dancer, putting together dance routines for the world to follow. They’re honestly the best and I have so much fun and actually smile after a couple of songs while I sass my way through the latest pop and RnB hits. And the sweat! I didn’t expect to be so puffed out and sweaty by the end. He has all different body types dancing with him and even if you can’t quite catch the rhythm you can just dance however which way you want because every song is a TUNE. If he’d been around in my Uni night out days we would have 100% been in a weekly dance off. If you’re missing nights out, definitely give it a shot (see, another one!) A couple of rums, a friends Zoom call and the Fitness Marshall and your Friday night is set! He has child friendly playlists on Youtube too if the kids want to join in.

Will I ever be ready for HIIT? What exercise do you genuinely enjoy during lockdown? I’d love to get a fun list together.

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