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Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions – Anon

I come from a family of dreamers. My parents, sister and at least 1 of my grandparents are regular inventors of new products, businesses, holidays, careers, homes and things we’d like and how they’re going to change our lives. Our conversations usually start with ‘imagine if…’ ending in something like ‘and then Holly and Phil would get us on This Morning.’
That’s to say we uuuuussssually go too far with it but that’s what dreaming is – why should dreaming have any barriers? This is what happens when you’ve been brought up on Disney…
Its actually a running joke with my husband that he has to be the dream crusher, the one forced to bring reality in to the situation when we get out of hand. Unless he’s had a few to drink – hello skiing January 2020!

We have varying degrees of ‘make it work’ as Tim Gunn would say. If someone in the family would like to go a wild 10 country adventure or buy a canoe, we will 100% find a way to make that happen. Unfortunately some of us have more courage than others. Currently, my sister, Sarah, is the bravest. She’s gone from international rugby player to wooden dog furniture extraordinaire/handywoman to police officer in the last few years. Not because she’s flaky but because she dreams something up and then goes for it, no worries given, even if it requires all her savings for a course or a colonic to make the BMI for the police. (Sorry Sarah, don’t kill me.) I used to be like that, and I still absolutely have the dreaming part, I’ve just lost the hustle. 

The dream is free, the hustle is sold separately – Anon

In an effort to get it back and to start the re-inspiration I finally read a book I bought a while back: ‘Your dream life starts here’, by Kristina Karlsson (the founder of kikkiK).
(If we ignore for now that kikkiK has gone in to voluntary administration and is potentially being sold, the book is still on sale on Amazon and there is a gigantic sale on kikkiK’s website for any stationary lovers.)
I love this book; firstly it allows me to indulge in a whole lot of dreaming but secondly and most importantly teaches how to actually bring them to fruition. It has amazing examples of really inspirational people (including Kristina Karlsson’s own story) and has really motivated me to get starting! Hence my new-found bravery in finally publishing this blog. In a very brief, far less inspiring summary: 

What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

A dream written down with a date becomes a goal.

A goal broken down in to steps becomes a plan.

A plan backed by action becomes reality – Kristina Karlsson

 The biggest barrier to my hustle is my own embarrassment. I am just really bashful and annoyingly this has really held me back. It held me back from taking part in ballet when I was 3, it held me back from jumping off cliffs in to amazing (but freezing) loch pools, entering competitions, playing pass the parcel, taking photos in a public space, sharing photos on social media, its so blinkin aggravating because there’s so many things I’ve missed out on! The only time in my life I didn’t let it stop me was between the ages of 15 and maybe 22. I just went for things, I made everything happen, I tried everything and was actually a bit over confident. Then I moved to the North East of Scotland, had no local friends, put on weight and completely lost my bottle. I am literally standing in my own way now surrounded by my own excuses and big blocks of embarrassment and its not even logical. I have the most supportive family and friends imaginable. 

I’ve written and put off hitting ‘publish’ on this blog site / Instagram because I’m nervous to get photos of myself and am desperately embarrassed of putting my thoughts out there then cringing for years afterwards. I have rewritten the first blog post about 40 times; first I sounded moany, then gushy, then there were too many quotes… Then in that thinking time just before I drop off to sleep I wonder the point in worrying about it, I don’t even have to face anyone for at least another 3 weeks! And then I cringe at myself all over again…

 So here I am, pushing myself to just do it. Best way to get over an irrational fear of embarrassment and what other people think? Put it all out there!
I started with taking photos of the local beach on our daily exercise and sharing them on social media. Then I changed my cover photo on Facebook to one from our wedding (the first wedding photo I’ve actually shared) and then I set up my new kqAlexandra Instagram with a photo of just me. I’ve even put the ‘Your Dream Life Starts Right Here’ book out on display in the house, its lived in the coffee table for the last year and I’ve been embarrassed about my husband seeing it – that’s how bad its gotten!

Now that I’ve written down my dreams (Kristina recommends focusing on 7), I get to make a mood board, establish steps and then ‘make it work’.

First things first though, if I’m going to be a more grown up version of my 21 year old self; living a fun, creative and active life I need to get a bit of style back, have a few adventures, feel healthier, read a few more of these books, make a few things…

Anyone else managed to get out of their own way? Had debilitating and irrational embarrassment? Any suggestions? Comment below 🙂

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  1. This post is so well written and completely relatable. I think alot of people feel embarrassed about simple things that holds them back , I for one will not run anywhere people will see me…because I don’t want anyone to see how bad I am doing or how out of breath and struggling I am. A very inspiring post Kirsten. Well done X

    1. Thank you! <3 Have you ever thought when you've seen a new runner 'jeez, she's struggling with that run, she'd be better to not bother'? No! You always think 'That looks tough, good on her!' So go and run if you feel like it x

  2. Dreamers are fun to chat to though, it’s definitely a positive personality trait! Too many dreams and ideas can definitely be more stressful than having only one, it’s hard to know where to start or which one is the right one for you. I think I have felt more settled since I accepted that I am a “jack of all trades and master of none” and that’s ok! Love this Kirsten, I’m off to think less and do more with my Sunday now 💙

  3. Touching home with this one, having several outlets to make reality but still all in the thought box. No real reasons not to go for any! Well written blog x

  4. What another great read, please don’t keep deleting and writing again just close your eyes and press go! 💕 love dreams and talking about them and “imagine” love it 😊

  5. I absolutely love that book after you recommended it to me years ago and like yourself, I’ve kept it hidden! Well no more!! I love your blog and cant wait to read more. And that book is coming out of hiding to x

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