Goal 7: Feel Fitter
Daily Habit:
2 squats per bathroom trip, 2 forms of exercise in the week
I want to re-inspire myself by trying out new things like rock climbing, kayaking, hiking, cycling places I haven’t been, horse riding, sky diving, doing more skiing, so many things that require a certain level of fitness. I’m over my body or confidence in my body stopping me.

I have to say, this squatting has fallen by the way side, I totally forgot about it. I haven’t even thought about it in weeks because I’ve been focusing on the other goals. I’m not annoyed at myself because I’ve made so much progress with my food relationship goal. And then fitness sort of comes after that for me. Of course I want to be fit and trying new things and I actually have but to want to do that, I need the energy and for me, that starts with good food and good sleep. Feeling bloaty and tired and yuck and headachey is more conducive to afternoon napping than afternoon exercise. 

In saying that I was feeling great the other last week and so took myself on a walk I’ve been meaning to do for 5 years! Its silly when its only 10 minutes away… I went to Forvie Nature Reserve, its on the edge of Newburgh and really pretty. I just wanted to move my body and feel a bit of fresh air and try to recreate the totally zen energised feeling I had the weekend before.  Its also a bit of a change of scenery…to look at the North Sea from a slightly different angle haha. It was exactly what I needed, there was no one around, it was cloudy and had a nice breeze and so my only worry was keeping to a sort of route…which I failed spectacularly at. I totally missed a few of the sign posts and ended up doing multiple routes, walking 2 kms past the last sign post and surfacing at the car park 2 hours after I set off… Woopsy! 

The heather was blooming on the hills, the herons were scavenging overhead and the seals were thoroughly entertaining which totally made up for the sweat and quad pain from walking so far on soft sand. I’m absolutely not complaining. I keep saying it but I’ll say it again, I just love being outside somewhere peaceful and pretty. 

I mentioned trying to get back my zen re-energisation from the weekend before. I swam in the North Sea twice while camping in that hot weather we had. It was glorious and bloody freezing to begin with but once the numbness set in a bit, I could appreciate how nice it is to float, tread water and swim in such a lovely place with a friend. I was soaking up all of the sea’s energy…so much so that I got stung by a small jelly fish (not a drama, its about my 8th sting). I didn’t pee on it, I just floated a while longer while the cold, cold, cold, cold water took away the sting. I had so much energy the rest of the day, so took another dip the next day. I really want to do some more wild water swimming but I feel like there’s a really small window for it in Scotland when you don’t have a wet suit and your haven’t quite grown seal skin on your blubber yet… 

In conclusion, don’t wait for 5 years for someone to chum you to try the walk / activity, just do it. And in further conclusion, you don’t need a punishing work out or a munro tick off to exercise. Just do whatever you feel like, whatever you’re going to enjoy, whatever you need, in my opinion exercise should not be a punishment but that’s a subject for another blog.

**GOAL AMENDMENT** – Weekly Habit – 1 form of exercise I genuinely want to do and enjoy

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