Goal 4: Look after myself
Daily Habit: Set up a nightly bed time routine – 10pm put all dishes away, go upstairs, brush my teeth, skin care, dirty clothes in the basket, read and asleep by 11pm
Because: As mentioned, I tend to watch that one more episode of something and am starting to fall asleep before I go upstairs. By that time the only energy I have left is for brushing my teeth and getting in to bed. The next day I wake up to my clothes on the floor and what’s left of my make up on my dry, dirty face. Then I need to rummage about in piles to find things and do repair and probably harsher jobs on my face to try and get rid of the damage.

This one I’m actually doing really well with. Go me! I use Bedtime (in the alarm section of an iphone) to remind me ten minutes before to not let the next episode of Normal People roll on and I’ve been in bed by 11 o’clock with a face of Elizabeth Arden’s 8 hour overnight miracle cream about 90% of nights. Progress, not perfection right?

Speaking of non perfection, I’m still working on using more natural beauty products and I’d like to add that to my habit. With skin being the largest organ of a human body, it doesn’t make sense to to fill my body with good food but then use horrible metals and parabens and other nasties on my skin. Sort of defeats the purpose. 

My problem is, there are sooooo many products and brands out there, how do I decide which ones really are as natural as they say and which ones even work? I’m only really willing to use them if they’re good. This is why I’m still a little addicted to Elizabeth Arden’s 8 hour range. Between that and their retinol / vitamin c capsules my skin responds really well to it. But it scores HORRIBLY on the ‘Think Dirty’ app. Have you tried it? You can search or scan the bar code of anything on your beauty shelf (even shampoos and things) and it’ll give it a score and traffic light each ingredient. Its quite eye opening! 

Quite eye opening when your ‘pits are grey too by the way! I quickly consulted Dr Google like the good little millenial I am to see that the grey was from the metals in my deodorant and I don’t know about you but having metals in my skin like that and so close to my breasts just gave me the heebie jeebies.
I then tried about 7 different natural ones and quite frankly they were all sh*t. A lot of them were very drying and putty-like and they sort of crumbled as you rubbed them on which isn’t ideal when you’re wearing a dark dress or you don’t want to hoover after every application. I didn’t buy any of them a second time until I tried the Tropic one… My most favourite skin care find. I’ve been using their £10 one for about a year and a half now and what a difference! Its a sort of cream that you push up (a bit like some of the roll ons) and its really fresh and light and lasts all day. Very much work out proof too. Lasts me about 3-4 months which really isn’t bad for £10. 

I’ve found it easiest to try Tropic because my friend is a rep, the reps (like Avon) have everything for you to go round and try and get samples and then I just order online (with my rep’s name selected – if you’re Aberdeen/shire based, here’s her FB page). I also absolutely love their cleanser, deep hydration cooling mask, body scrub, sun cream, foot pebble, and I swear by their foundation – I always get compliments on my skin when I wear it, so glowy!

I find their body lotion so rich and thick that its too much of an effort to put on (I’m way too lazy for it), their serums/oils may be good but they’re a bit too smelly for me and the face moisturiser isn’t that hydrating on my dry skin (but that could be because I miss out the smelly step). But I love their ethos (promise this blog isn’t an ode to Tropic); they’re all the friendlies – vegan, animal and environment so they get a big green tick from me!

So that’s where I’ve spent my pocket money this month; ordering natural hair care (I’m quite excited for the scalp brush thing) and some body washes so I’ll let you know how it goes.

I also like a jolly on the Naturismo or Love Lula websites but it takes me ages to look up the reviews on each product. I did buy some Inika make up which was pretty good but I’d say Tropic’s is less drying and much glowier. Now I’m in my 30s matte just looks so bad on me! Anyone else? I also love Lush’s solid perfume for everyday.

If anyone has any natural beauty / make up suggestions pleeeeeease let me know. I really need a super hydrating moisturiser before I cave and re-buy Elizabeth Arden. 

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  1. Love the photos, made me think of Carmen Miranda! I’m back into making coffee grinds and coconut oil 🥥 concoctions for my body exfoliation and moisturising! Will definitely look up tropic for the foundation, I haven’t committed to anything for any length of time since the Dream Matte Mousse days.

    1. That’s what I was going for! I just couldn’t get the fruit to stick to my towel… And the banana placement kept being dodge, I was already pushing it with the kiwi haha

  2. Thank you so much for the shout out ❣️and thanks for your order too. Enjoying reading your blogs, going to try the banana pancakes soon. Your photos are fab, don’t be embarrassed about your ‘self care’ photos, my face mapping with three masks are mad photos 😉

    1. Oh I think I’d like to see this face mapping!
      I used a random mask for the photos but I used my usual Tropic hydrating one afterwards, I had it on for longer than usual (nearly 3 hours in the end because i totally forgot) an day skin today is the best its been all lockdown. So happy with it 🙂

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