I read another non fiction book *gasp*. This time ‘Not a Diet Book’ by James Smith. Whether you like his harsh, direct confrontations or not, he does make logical sense and as someone who’s excuses are suffocating, I found it refreshing. If you respond better to kind words and gentle encouragement I’d maybe go in search of a different book though. It is about health and wellbeing but the topic is so broad, he’s sectioned it into easy to read chapters and covers everything from relationships to food to female monthly cycles, all in relation to fitness and health. He even covered menopause which was unexpected for an under 30 male personal trainer. 

My main take home from it was firstly, ‘calorie f*cking deficit’ – the slogan he’s known for, and secondly; develop healthy habits that will help to reach your goals ie if your goal is ‘tidy room, tidy mind’ but your daily habits include dropping all your clothes on the floor at the end of the day you aren’t going to reach your goal (literally one of my bad habits). The better habit would be to set an evening routine where you don’t leave it until your eyes are literally closing to go upstairs and get ready for bed.

Here are some of the goals and habits I’m going to implement – please hold me to them! The main life goal is still to re-gain the sparkle but I’m hoping these all contribute to that.

Goal 1: Hustle
Daily Habit: Stop procrastinating, don’t sit aimlessly for more than 1 hour at a time
Because: I can dream all I like but if I keep procrastinating I’ll never get anywhere and I’ll end up in a vicious cycle.

Goal 2: Repair my relationship with food
Daily Habit: Eat regularly, cutting nothing out. Have breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, dessert.
Because: I’ve been overeating for about 9 years out of boredom, a treat for a good/bad day, for something nice to do and from dieting. I’m terrible for starting a new ‘lifestyle change’ and managing 2-3 days (sometimes even 2-3 weeks) and then caving and binging and then restarting the cycle the next Monday. It means I’ve maintained the same weight for 3 years now but its not really a weight I’m comfortable with. James Smith has a calorie calculator which helps you work out around about how many calories you should be eating for a deficit so I figure if I roughly stay to that but eat regularly, I shouldn’t have a reason to binge. Then once I’m mastered that, I can implement a slightly more restrictive habit like the afternoon snack being fruit rather than cake!

Goal 3: Regain creativity
Daily Habit: Set aside 1 hour a day to ‘create’
Because: This is one of the major things missing for me, whether its this blog or painting, or sewing a cushion or shopping to work out my personal style, I’m hoping it will help fill the day productively and encourage inspiration and even just give interesting things to talk about.

Goal 4: Look after myself
Daily Habit: Set up a nightly bed time routine – 10pm put all dishes away, go upstairs, brush my teeth, skin care, dirty clothes in the basket, read and asleep by 11pm
Because: As mentioned, I tend to watch that one more episode of something and am starting to fall asleep before I go upstairs. By that time the only energy I have left is for brushing my teeth and getting in to bed. The next day I wake up to my clothes on the floor and what’s left of my make up on my dry, dirty face. Then I need to rummage about in piles to find things and do repair and probably harsher jobs on my face to try and get rid of the damage.

Goal 5: Take a bit of pride in myself
Daily Habit: Allow 2 days max per week for slob clothes
Because: This one relates to the goal of looking after myself. I work from home 4 days a week and as we all know from lockdown, the first thing to go is the make up and the jewellery and the non elasticated waistbands. For some, maybe that’s a great thing, but for me, not so much. There is still definitely a place for the slob clothes in my week (even after lockdown), but I’m going to restrict it to 2 days max. There’s a lot out there about positive affirmations and self love and that’s definitely easier when I can catch my colourful dress or fun earrings in the mirror than when I’m wearing paint stained joggers and my hair’s in a Ms Trunchbull bun.

Goal 6: A clean and tidy house
Daily Habit: Do 30 minutes of housework a day
Because: I like to live in a nice clean environment, I feel much calmer and happier, but cleaning and tidying certainly don’t come naturally! My husband, Ross and I hate spending our precious weekend time doing the ‘team clean’ or stressing because someone said last minute they’re visiting and there’s an inch thick of dust on the toilet seat and fluff bunnies from the rug floating about the living room. So if I set aside 30 minutes a day, stick a podcast on and get to it, hopefully it’ll never feel like such a huge task. 

Goal 7: Feel fitter
Daily Habit:
Do at least 1 form of exercise, 4 days a week
I want to re-inspire myself by trying out new things like rock climbing, kayaking, hiking, cycling places I haven’t been, horse riding, sky diving, doing more skiing, so many things that require a certain level of fitness. I’m over my body or confidence in my body stopping me.

Goal 8: Lose fear of embarrassment
Daily Habit: If I feel like I’m avoiding doing something out of embarrassment, recognise it and do it
Because: As I mentioned in the previous blog, it’s so silly to let this fear stop me from doing something and it’s become such a problem. Also, after the previous 2 blogs went out, I’ve had the most supportive, lovely messages and something different to talk about.

What habits would you implement? Any suggestions? Comment below and please follow on Instagram 🙂

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  1. Another great read and inspirational (I think that’s the right word) to get us all moving and making goals! Love Blog Thursdays 🥰

  2. Always so inspirational Kiki! For me a very exciting, rewarding and also relaxing moment is when I cook, as you know, above all when I cook for others! I like so much to try new recipes, also simple ones and to see that they are appreciated! It’s like a gift from me to them to show how much I care. It’s a gesture of care for ourselves too to cook something healthy using good and fresh ingredients like we used to and not to buy everything already cooked for example. Sooooo my advice is to start also to give a special attention to the preparation of meals. I think it would be also fun for you! Let me know!

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