Goal 5: Take a bit of pride in myself
Daily Habit: Allow 2 days max per week for slob clothes
Because: This one relates to the goal of looking after myself. I work from home 4 days a week and as we all know from lockdown, the first thing to go is the make up and the jewellery and the non elasticated waistbands. For some, maybe that’s a great thing, but for me, not so much. There is still definitely a place for the slob clothes in my week (even after lockdown), but I’m going to restrict it to 2 days max. There’s a lot out there about positive affirmations and self love and that’s definitely easier when I can catch my colourful dress or fun earrings in the mirror than when I’m wearing paint stained joggers and my hair’s in a Ms Trunchbull bun.

I think its safe to say that over the last few weeks I’ve had more than 2 slob days a week… I have also tried out all the pink clothes I got in my HM order and then I ordered 4 pairs of shoes from ASOS, intending to keep 1 or 2. I thought they’d be uncomfy or ugly in real life but nope! They were all great and even better on, especially with my garden tan, so I kept all 4, that are all similar colours, whilst in lockdown, where no one sees them and I’m going no where nice or fancy…WOOOOPSY! But look how pretty!!

Shoes just always fit don’t they? Its only whether they’re comfy or designed right or just too pretty that decides whether they’re keepers. If a shoe is tight, I blame how they were made, if it rubs, I blame the strap for not having the right material, if it looks ugly on my foot, the designer has messed up. So why is it with the other dresses, trousers and tops I ordered I blamed my body? If the arms are too tight I always think ‘aw its my stupid massive arms’, if the tier of dress sits on my widest part I think ‘my body is so annoying, I have such a short torso’, if a pair of trousers don’t have enough material to rise to the waist I presume my back side is just too large and if the top is cut in the middle of the boobs rather than under them, I know its for the narrower backed beauties. 

When I think about it though, what b*llocks! If I buy my correct size according to the size guide and the trousers don’t fit its the manufacturers fault! They didn’t get the sizing right. If the arms are tight, could very well be the cutters issue. If the part of the dress is too low or dress cuts mid boob its absolutely the designer not thinking about a body above a 90s grunge waif like Kate Moss. (What is with those tops by the way, they really annoy me?!) What I / we need to remember is that its THEIR fault, not ours! We bought the right size, we are normal, they need to sort themselves out. 

Have you ever gone out for the day in the bestest mood, with your pals, you’ve been to their kind of shops, you’ve had a fun, boozy lunch and you’re excited for your favourite shop, only to pile clothes on to your arms and go in to the changing room and completely loose the buzz? Then come out pretending you’re ok but really on the verge of tears ‘cause you STILL can’t find an outfit for your cousin’s wedding and you’ll have to wear the same old frumpy fail safe for the 8th time. Let’s stop doing that, let’s try our best to ALWAYS blame the shop, never blame our bodies, ‘cause our bodies do way more for us than the shop ever will and we should be nice to them.  

When I was little, if I got hurt, my parents would get mad at whatever I hurt myself on. If I banged my knee on the coffee table it was ‘bad table’, and hit it. If I skinned my knees on the pavement, they stomped it and called it bad. It always made me feel better to know they were getting their comeuppance. So I could really use them when New Look’s clingy material has me hating my muffin top or Boohoo’s bad sizing is literally making me boohoo. I can give the dress a slap or a non destructive punch and call it bad words and walk out the shop and not give them my money though. I’m way more likely to keep my buzz doing that than taking home a dress that I’ll slim in to before the event. A ‘goal’ dress. What a horrible thing! Do you remember that line from ‘Bride Wars’?

You don’t alter Vera (Wang) to fit you, you alter you to fit Vera – Bride Wars

I know some people are really motivated by a goal dress or a pair of goal jeans but I’ve had more sad experiences than happy ones trying to fit those and Ross always tells me to give away/sell/ charity shop the too small clothes, knowing I’ll have way more fun shopping for new ones from good shops that know how to design and manufacture than constantly trying to fit in to the old crappy ones, and they are crappy! If they don’t fit when you ordered the right size according to their size chart – THEY ARE CRAPPY.  

Anyone else? Do you have a go at your body in the changing rooms / when trying on your online order?

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  1. Oh Kirsten, I just absolutely guffawed out loud at the thought of you hitting and telling clothes off in the changing rooms – what a great idea 😂😂xx

    1. Hahaha its the only way it can get its comeuppance!! I can’t be rude to the changing room assistant or scrumple it in any way (cause again the assistant that didn’t even make the dress doesn’t deserve that) haha. I might also put my 2 fingers up at it too!

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