I am going for it with goal 5 in this blog, as a reminder: 

Goal 5: Take a bit of pride in myself
Daily Habit: Allow 2 days max per week for slob clothes
Because: This one relates to the goal of looking after myself. I work from home 4 days a week and as we all know from lockdown, the first thing to go is the make up and the jewellery and the non elasticated waistbands. For some, maybe that’s a great thing, but for me, not so much. There is still definitely a place for the slob clothes in my week (even after lockdown), but I’m going to restrict it to 2 days max. There’s a lot out there about positive affirmations and self love and that’s definitely easier when I can catch my colourful dress or fun earrings in the mirror than when I’m wearing paint stained joggers and my hair’s in a Miss Trunchbull bun.

I’m nicer when I like my outfit – @kervology

This goal doesn’t apply to everyone; some could do with more slob in their life and need to work on feeling great without a make up mask and a hair straightener, some people aren’t interested in it at all and that’s also great but I’m definitely the opposite. I used to love fashion and style, I have a whole BSc (Hons) in it! But I fell out with fashion quite a few years ago as I gradually put on more and more weight. Up to a certain point, I could get the clothes sizes no problem but there wasn’t any point buying nice, fun, pricier clothes because I was always going to be losing weight; no point buying nice £80 jeans if I’m going to be a size smaller next month…

I’ve always loved fun costume jewellery too with my bangles jangling my arrival and I maaaaybe had a little too much. As I lost interest in clothes and style, I stopped wearing it all and I miss it. I feel it was quite a big part of me and I’d like to re-embrance the creativity and fun.

Having not paid much attention the last few years I’m a bit at a loss of what I even want to wear. I always thought that by 31 I’d have a really clear style but for the last while its been a dilemma rather than a fun challenge to find something. 

I used to get inspiration from magazines, shopping and even just myself; what I could put together from what I had. Its when repurposing and upcycling clothes became really big. Since I can’t go out shopping or to buy a magazine at the moment aaaaand the times have changed and social media is a much bigger thing, I can find lots of visual inspiration on Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, blogs and ye olde ASOS (online shopping). 

Pinterest is the best social media platform in all the land. To enter any topic in to the search bar and come up with beautiful images that link to articles/shops/blogs/spam and collate them in to mood boards is just right up my street. kqAlexandra is also on there with the start of my style re-energisation! I’m using it to pin any clothes and style that I love, to see if there’s a clear direction. So far the board’s called ‘Technicolour Dreamstyle’ so you can imagine which way its pointing… 

Actively searching and following hashtags of things I like on Instagram, brands, artists, digital creators and influencers is great inspiration. I like seeing what they’re buying and how they’re styling them, the art they’re making and I just like the pretty images. Tiktok is bringing a fun element to fashion content too. It took me a good afternoon to research and find ones I like but now when I scroll through my feed, its really clear what I’m drawn to and what I like. Plus, its easy to do while you bingewatch. And then there’s the likes of Stacey Solomons, Rosie Ramsay and Jessontheplussize that I follow purely for comedic value, they really make me smile. And who doesn’t like a laugh!

I also get so much inspiration from people watching (is there anything better?) and my friends; when my friends bring it, I definitely want to try a bit harder. 

Do you care about having a style? Does it affect your mood or how you feel? Where do you get your style inspiration from?

Instagram: kqAlexandra
Pinterest: kqAlexandra

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  1. I wiiiiishhhh I had a style, I’m so rubbish at clothes shopping! Always end up just buying whatever will cover my boobs!

    Secretly glad I’m not the only one who struggles with fashion! <3

    1. Definitely not the only one! I think its when we get to a certain age and have a wee identity crisis haha. I feel quite good about what I’d like to buy now, less good about the budget to buy it with though! x

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