Goal 3: Regain Creativity
Daily Habit: Set aside 1 hour a day to ‘create’
Because: This is one of the major things missing for me, whether its this blog or painting, or sewing a cushion or shopping to work out my personal style, I’m hoping it will help fill the day productively and encourage inspiration and even just give interesting things to talk about.

Quite frankly this blog is late in going up today because I just couldn’t face it. I couldn’t face sitting in an upright position with my brain switched on. Even though I knew I would feel better afterwards, I could have done a Fitness Marshall workout or gone for a nice walk or even done some cleaning but it just wasn’t one of those days. I basically got up, showered, sat in the garden, read the entire Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and napped intermittently on the couch. It may be a second day hangover, it may just be that no reason at all tiredness that comes around now and again. But whether this blog turns out well or not, I’m determined to get it up by the end of the night.

I’d say in general I’ve done not bad with this goal, I’ve certainly kept up with the blogs and set up a few random photoshoots, I’ve been creative on the baking front and I’ve ‘painted’.
I say ‘painted’ because I used watercolour paint but it was more mark making and mucking about because I have absolutely zero skills. I do enjoy it though, especially with something fun on the tele in the background or some music or a podcast. I have a nice big desk to do it on and a great big window to sit next to. It’s cathartic and energising at the same time, even if I’m not about to be the next Monet. I should have really painted or made some marks today but it involved sitting upstairs or bringing the paint down and I don’t think I would be bothered to put it back upstairs so I would have just tripped over it for the next few days! Barrel of positivity today amen’t I? I think I’ll go and have my tea (pasta bolognese) and come back, there’s nothing like a hot steamy bowl of carbs to fire me up!

1 hour later…

Well that’s certainly helped. I’ve got the first HP film on in the background and I’ve very lazily taken photos of my wee mark making book for this blog. The lighting isn’t great but the point is to show up even if I’m not feeling it. To deliver what I’ve promised. To stick to the tiny daily habits to reach my re-inspiration goals! Got to practice what I preach haven’t I? I’m still trying to drill in that progress is progress and if I’ve still done it I can feel good about not breaking what’s been a really positive cycle of keeping it up and sticking to something. Or…

Show up ’till you blow up – Jasmine Star

Or fake it ’till you make it – Lots of people

I know usually that would be to do with confidence and showing up for the job you want rather than the job you have, posting on Instagram like I’m an influencer of 3 million rather than the 87 I actually have. But today for me this means just doing the thing. Posting the blog with no excuses of it basically being the end of the day or that this was supposed to be about what I’ve painted and created for fun but has ended up a bit of a realistic diary of how my day’s gone!

Its really proving BJ Fogg right with the motivation/willpower wane isn’t it? And it’s not that I didn’t want to post today, its been about doing anything at all. But I’m going to go to bed tonight feeling good and proud and happy for having ‘shown up’ for this short, not my best but totally realistic blog.

What have you shown up for today?

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