Goal 3: Regain Creativity
Daily Habit: Set aside 1 hour a day to ‘create’
Because: This is one of the major things missing for me, whether its this blog or painting, or sewing a cushion or shopping to work out my personal style, I’m hoping it will help fill the day productively and encourage inspiration and even just give interesting things to talk about.

I’ve been doing pretty well with this one. There’s always room for some more creativity but I’ve enjoyed thinking up photoshoots (although I still cringe having photos taken of me), I’ve sorted through lots of craft paints, chalks, stamps, paper, fabric, old costume jewellery, I’ve discussed with friends the best ways to use all of said crafts, I’ve followed lots of artists I like on Instagram, I’ve re-shuffled my Instagram and written lots of captions (rather than something like ‘oh look, here’s a beach,’) I’ve redesigned the garden, I’ve been experimenting with different salads. Oh and we’ve designed a fitted shelving unit for our spare room. 

Right now our moderate sized spare room is filled with everything from our spacey hobbies. I feel like I’ve mentioned this before (sorry if I have) but our spare room works really hard; it has a guest bed (single that we can pull out another bed from underneath to make 2 singles or push together for a double), it also has a large desk for me to work from home. It houses all of my craft stuff, all our wedding bits and bobs, Ross’s 6 (yes 6) guitars, the amps and all that, that goes along with it, x box and TV for that, music recording equipment, spare duvets and pillows, our book collection, spare vases, Ross’s work clothes (usually), the clothes horse (for when its too rainy to dry washing outside) all currently not required tech cables, all files and the boiler cupboard. We are constantly tripping up over things and being the klutz that I am, we really need to sort this. SO I called upon my award winning high school Craft & Design skills to come up with a storage system that’s going to work along one wall. Ross is thinking about how to actually construct it. We aren’t thinking about how it looks for now, only that we can stop stubbing our toes on stuff. Then later when we are decorating the room we can add nice doors and things. If we could move the radiator and move the boiler cupboard door to the other side that would help too but they’ll need to be added to the next phase! We’ve looked at pre-built units (didn’t do everything we needed or was too expensive for a solid one), IKEA (too expensive), and various ways and have decided on an ambitious MDF creation.

Current spare room state, (oh the shame!):

Phase 1 goal (image from Pinterest, obviously): 

Eventual goal, something along the lines of (again, Pinterest):

Ross’s Sketch-Up Design: 

What ambitious projects have you taken on recently?
PS, thank goodness for our bank rewards scheme who’s cashback percentage is paying for our B&Q materials!

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  1. Ooh I love the plans – how exciting! It’s so satisfying when plans all come together and work. My last wee bit ambitious plan was to find some inexpensive shelving for the dining area as the shelving I really liked was from Neptune and way out my league but actually, I really like the shelving we have now and it feels good to have got the look I want on a budget 😊.

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